New WordPress themes

I am a WordPress theme developer, so I often release new themes. In fact I have released 2 themes in the last 2 months.

What many people don’t seem to realise is that I work full time, and so don’t have vast amounts of time to offer to these sorts of things – so being able to finish two themes in two months is something I am quite proud of! 🙂


The first theme is Exhibitor. Exhibitor is a gallery or portfolio theme. Designed for artists to show off their work Exhibitor offers both a way to display Exhibits, and a way to update people on your latest projects/ thoughts using the blog displayed content.

Exhibitor is my first theme to use WordPress new custom post types feature. Custom post types are used to display the Exhibits allowing the format and management for the different portfolio items to be separate.

A unique feature for Exhibitor is the colour scheme choices. A colour wheel in the theme admin allows you to pick the overall colour scheme, changing font and border colours from a single point with no technical knowhow.

If you need a clean portfolio or gallery design then you could do a lot worse than take a look at Exhibitor.


Byline is a magazine/ newspaper style theme. Its unique feature is the ability to customise the colours of the individual categories giving your website a modern look and giving each category it’s own distinctive style.

The theme has a flexible homepage design that allows you to create and arrange things in almost any way you see fit. You can arrange your freshly coloured categories in any order, or you can insert widgets underneath the featured content area. In the future there will be plugins released that allow you to customise the layout even more.


Both Byline and Exhibitor use Elemental as their parent theme. Elemental is a WordPress theme framework that allows me to create new themes much more quicky – avoiding having to do all the boring repetetive stuff, instead focusing on the interesting innovations. In addition, if I want to add new features to a website, I can add them to Elemental – and all of my themes will update instantly. Bonus!