Elemental Hub and Elemental WordPress Theme Plugins

Recently there has been a lot of development work happening in relation to my WordPress theme framework, Elemental.

The goal of Elemental is to create an awesome theme that will work equally well as a theme, or as a WordPress theme framework. Many frameworks look boring and are hard to style without creating child themes, and Elemental is the antidote to this.

Elemental Hub

To show the cool things that Elemental does, and to keep people up to date on the different developments that are happening, I created ElementalHub.

ElementalHub is a blog on which I talk about developments and updates as they happen, keeping people bang up to date, and hoping that I can get some feedback on changes and how they are received.

Elemental Designer

I have also been thinking about the future for Elemental, and have come to the conclusion that the best way to extend it is to use plugins. I want to make the theme more focused on your website, and have the advanced/ niche content come through in child themes and plugins.

As such I have released the first, of many, plugins for Elemental, called Elemental Designer.

Elemental Designer is a plugin created to allow you to change the look of the theme without doing anything technical.