WordPress visual editor comments

This is going to be my first wordpress.com post using the wysiwyg (visual) editor. I am normally a hardcore type person who likes to do everything through code, but now that the code tab has been added this “may” be better. I will have to use the system a bit before deciding if I like it or not.

I do however like the idea that I can write my posts without worrying about writing the code myself, and for things like lists this is much nicer.

One thing I have noticed is that there is no writing area resizer in the code panel… which just doesn’t make sense to me. I can resize the panel in the visual area and then switch to code, and the changes are kept, but I can’t do it in the code view itself. Hopefully this is coming soon as it’s relatively simple to do (you can see an example here).

Also I notice that pressing enter creates a new paragraph. This goes against the textarea method I am used too – but I think that’s a problem I have rather than something that is wrong with the system they are using.

Finally I wish Firefoxes built in spell checker would work in the visual editor. This is currently my biggest drawback to the system. Having to remember to press the spell check button (or switch to the code editor) before I post a message is awkward, and it seems a bit silly to not allow something that is built into the browser and I have grown used too.


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