Binary Joy – new site from Binary Moon

I have recently been working on a new video gaming website – Binary Joy. It features news and reviews of video games.

From the About page:

Binary Joy is a website dedicated to video games, but not just any games. Good games. Games you enjoy. We will feature any game, as long as the person doing the writing enjoys what they are playing. This means that you will only find games that we think are worth playing. Of course you won’t necessarily agree and that’s why the comments are there. We’d love to hear your opinions on the games and news we talk about so feel free to join in the conversation.

We’re always looking for new writers/ publishers, so if you have an interest in games and can post news and reviews then contact me and we can see how you go.


2 thoughts on “Binary Joy – new site from Binary Moon

  1. Hi Steve

    Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately there are currently no additional colour schemes available for the theme. It is possible to edit things yourself but since you say you’re not techie it will be rather difficult. If you have any css knowledge it should be relatively straight forward.

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