Regulus – theme by me – on

Woo Hoo

I checked the comments on my other blog this morning to see that Matt had added Regulus, a theme I had written and released a few weeks ago, into the theme selections on this site,

Naturally I am now running Regulus as the theme here, and it will be good to see if it can be improved anymore.

There are a couple of things missing, most notably the admin panel, but in general it works pretty well and I’m really happy it’s been added.

If anyone has any suggestions for things that could be added or improved I’d love to hear them.


5 thoughts on “Regulus – theme by me – on

  1. As I mentioned in the post above, a few things have changed in the transition to, removing the meta data (the bit that contains the login button) was one of them. I believe these things will be coming back in the future, along with the editable styles, but it’s out of my hands now.

    Thanks for the kind words

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