WordPress.com second impressions

I posted my first impressions, and now that I’ve been using it a bit longer I figure I can post some more feelings about wp.com.

I’ve only been using wp.com for a few days, and most of those the site has been down/ having problems, but I’ve had a bit more of a play with it and have a few more comments.

Editing posts is confusing for starters, I suspect this is an oversight rather than an intentional error. Basically when I went to edit a post I was shown the publish button again. The reason I was editing the post was I wanted to add a category since I hadn’t specified one, but the categegory didn’t save and the post is still marked as uncategorized. This was working the other day so I’m guessing something has been changed over the last couple of days.

Something else that would be handy is a ‘home’ button on the toolbar that is at the top of the page as you browse wp.com – being able to get back to your website easily would be very nice.

I think it would be nice to have the ability to customise the templates more. Not neccessarily the code but the sort of changes the kubrick theme has (adjust header settings). That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to with wp 1.6 actually, I want my new theme to have some custom settings and this would be the best way. Other things that could change per template would be adding and removing sections in the sidebars, for example I don’t really use the link lists and would prefer it if the meta stuff was hidden.

I’ve just noticed the manage referers page as well. I’m not sure why it’s on the manage section (maybe it should be a sub section on the Dashboard?) but it’s always interesting to see where people are coming from. I can’t see any reason why I would want to delete referers especially when the list only lasts a day – maybe I’m missing something?

The new profile page is nice. Nothing amazing about it, it’s just presented in a clearer more logical way.

Some of the discussion options seem a little out of place. I would have thought the sort of people wp.com is aimed at (less technical users) wouldn’t want to know about comment moderation, and comment blacklisting. I think these should be taken care of behind the scenes, especially since I haven’t bothered setting anything there and have yet to receive any spam (I guess it’s early days yet).

Actually regarding discussion options I like that when I visit other sites on wp.com my posting details are already filled out so all I have to do is write my comment and off I go.

All in all wp.com is pretty damn fine, and justifies my choice of wordpress as a blogging platform. It’s going to be fun seeing where things head from now on.


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