WordPress.com first impressions

I’ve had my own WordPress blog for a while now. You can see it on my proper domain – http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/. I even gave away a wordpress.com invite recently – and ended up with an extra invite.

Being rather inquisitive I decided to try the new system, mainly to see what new features were available and, so far, I’m rather impressed.

The new interface is considerably nicer than the default WordPress one, although I still prefer the tiger admin skin, but it’s a decent step in the right direction.

The other changes I’m enjoying are the different Dashboard, which shows latest posts from bloggers on wordpress.com. Obviously this wouldn’t be suitable for the downloadable version of wordpress, although maybe something with ping ‘o matic would be good..?

Being able to add categories dynamically is quite cool, but I think a button should be added to make it clearer why there’s a random input box sitting in the categories section.

I use draft’s quite a bit so it would be cool if the Dashboard listed the drafts I had made so that I can jump straight into a post I am editing (this is something I would like in normal WordPress as well).

The new upload photo thing should be collapsible like everything else. I’m not going to use it and it just gets in the way of the post preview. Actually I’m not keen on having all these collapsible widgets all over the place. It would be cool if you could remove them entirely since the only one I use on any regular basis is the categories panel.

Since I’m complaining, what’s the point of the post author option on wp.com? I can understand WordPress download having it since you can have multiple users per blog, but on wp.com it’s just you.

I like the admin bar you get when browsing wordpress.com, it looks like the bar at the top of every blogger page and lets you jump to your dashboard and start writing. On Binary Moon I have installed a plugin that does just this – and I use it loads.

Update : I can’t see any way of turning off the ability to receive emails when a comment is posted – that would be nice, and would add something else to the personal options.

Update 2 : I’ve worked out how to turn off email notification.


4 thoughts on “WordPress.com first impressions

  1. 1) I didn’t know the upload wasn’t collapsable, but I now see.
    2) Drafts in Dashboard, not a bad ideas. Saves a click or two :D.
    3) I think wp.com will eventually support multiple post authors. But don’t quote me on that, I’m not a WP Dev. Just a reader and avid fan.

    Regarding 1 and 2, there’s a shiny feedback link sitting there staring back at you.
    Give ‘er a click :-). donncha, Ryan, and gang and always been excellent in responding to my messages :-).

  2. I’m intending to give the feedback form a go once I’ve got a firm list of things I feel change. As I play with things I’m sure I’ll think of other things that need tweaking. Maybe once I’ve posted my second impressions 🙂

    I’m perfectly aware that this is a work in progress system and am looking forward to seeing what other things change & improve.

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